#1| None of your beeswax


Lino print using a baren, two colors – red and black, on pre-folded paper Din A 3, 100g

I still haven’t quite gotten used to the fact, that I’m practically madly in love with lino printing after hating doing it in art class years and years ago. I enjoy working on the lino a lot, even knowing that carving those rubber alternatives is easier. On a whim, I splurged on one of those fancy Speedball brayers and we are getting along surprisingly nicely. Since my last formal instruction to lino printing was in fifth grade my prints are turning out rather uneven. I like and hate that at the same time. But practice makes perfect, I guess. For this weeks motive, I chose to embrace it. And it pretty much came out how I envisioned it with the layering and the bottom layer showing through.
I believe that it’s the better choice to work with what you already have inside of you instead of getting frustrated with not being able to achieve somebody else’s level of skill. Most of the time I struggle with that, but when my own imperfect way of doing something leads to a result I like, now that is going to make me a very happy camper.
(Using a pre-folded sheet of paper to print on came to me by accident, because I used some paper to test print that already had some folds and quite liked the effect. It actually looks a bit cooler in reality, because the three-dimensional effect is stronger.)

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