#10 | My face above the water

This has to be my favorite so far. I wasn’t even going to do another one the week before I went away on holiday. So, on a complete whim, I just went with the idea to really quickly try to construct a repeating pattern block on paper. No pressure at all that it should amount to anything much, even the carving was kept to a minimum. I didn’t even measure the piece of paper I used to construct my repeat (If you’re interested in how to make a repeat pattern by hand on a piece of paper, I highly recommend this class.). You can clearly see that it should add up but I doesn’t really. I think that’s what I love the most about it. I keep getting to the point where this weird quest for accuracy that I have meets my inner need for imperfection and makes something I really love. I also really love how the huge areas of lino make for a very uneven print yet the white space is all crisp and clean.

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