#12 | I bless the rains down in Africa


Textile and color is one of my favorite things to work with. Earlier this year, I got to take part in an amazing online class about block printing on fabric. I have since spent a considerable amount of time looking at videos of textile printing/dying techniques from around the world. Printing patterns that won’t much alter the basic color of a fabric is relatively easy. As soon as you want to work with bigger areas of color, it get’s difficult. In African Waxprinting, a resist is stamped onto fabric using wax, then the fabric is dyed and when the wax is removed the empty space can be dyed or printed on in a different color.


Sounds like a lot of work and it certainly is. That’s why I’m guessing today most of the waxprint fabric is made by machine. The patterns (pinterest board) are still very much influenced by the parameters of the original technique. The circle pattern stuck with me most, so I took a shot at replicating it with block printing. I could’t quite chose one color scheme, so today’s #25printsproject post consists of three prints.


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