#19 | Faces all around different faces I see


For a long time my go-to motive was lettering. Then I discovered faces. I did one or two portrait classes and even bought the odd book on the subject. My accordeon teacher way back when used to tell me “If you want to dance, you’ll have to learn to walk first”. I hated that. I’d rather draw ten faces with awful proportions then spend even ten minutes on messing about with guidelines. Sure I did that too in portrait class and my pieces even turned out adequate enough, but having to concentrate too much on not messing up the rules my perfectionism will sooner rather then later kill my spirit and my expression. Also I stop feeling it pretty quick. If I’m not in the right state of mind I can’t create. So I draw faces disregarding proportion or variations in perspective or trying to achieve a good linkness with a subject.
After my motivational slump last week, I went back to faces and decided to try something different from my usual pen drawings, with lino printing in mind. I love how similar yet different the painted and the printed version look.


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