#2 | Pick your battles


Lino print using a baren, one color black, on paper Din A 2, 100g, combination of two single motifs

It’s week 2 and already I am leaving my comfort zone, sketching something other then my go-to lettering. Letters are my home base, with them I don’t fear the blank page, I know what I can and cannot do with lettering. I can draw words for hours without getting frustrated or bored. If I am in the right state of mind I might be able to draw other things, but most of the time it feels insecure and like something I don’t know how to reproduce. Having routine is great, but stepping away from routine is great, too. I was counting on this project to make me try things I am not as comfortable doing, but I would never have guessed that I’d already start doing it in week 2, that’s pretty spectacular to me.
I had to put some letters in there anyway, so it’s kind of a transitional piece if you will. I love how single designs can become a whole new motive when put together. Print is such an amazing versatile technique.

Read more about my #25printsproject

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