Last year, around Christmas, I was contemplating hopping on the 365 days/52 weeks project train. I had done a photography one before, which was kind of exhausting but also very awesome. Until I quit, during year three. I believe you shouldn’t repeat a daily/weekly project using the same parameters, because you will be too comfortable with them and the benefit of those boundaries will fade away until only the nagging feeling of obligation will remain. Quit while you’re ahead, I guess.
Doing something for six months instead of a whole long year looks a lot more appealing to me right about now, but maybe this is just a way better time for me to start something then back at Christmas of last year.
Long story short, I have decided to take the leap and try to do a #25printsproject till the end of 2015. The plan is to keep to a more or less weekly schedule of printing something until the year runs out and/or I have completed 25 pieces of printmaking. There is no limitation as to what I print with or on.
I actually have secretly already started by myself, so I won’t have to publicly quit in week three or something. Which has worked out quite nicely, so I’m happy to officially start my #25prints project as of today and I think I’m going to stick with publishing my prints every Wednesday. (The real week one obviously was last week, so there will be a second print this week.) I’m pretty excited about where this little adventure will take me and it would make me so very happy if you tagged along for bits of the way.

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