#3 | How the Zebra got his stripes


Lino print using a brayer, one color black, on paper, 100g

Cutting this motive I had to really think about negative space for the first time. When you think about it creating a negative to then print a positive is basically one of the most integral parts of printmaking. Sketching a zebra you will draw his black lines onto the white paper. Working with lino you will cut away actively what will later be the white part and leave the black part to make up your print, which will demand a whole new level of concentration. You’ll probably get used to this kind of thinking while working on becoming a more experienced printer. And pulling your first print won’t be that big of a deal anymore. I kind of hope for me this will not happen too soon, because right now I’m loving not exactly knowing how a certain sketch will work as a print in the end a lot.
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